Harry potter casa del libro

Harry potter casa del libro

Harry Potter and the mystery

Therefore, an Australian artist known in social networks by her account @msbananaanna has used artificial intelligence to give life to the main characters of the saga written by J.K. Rowling, following completely the reliable descriptions that appear in the books.

The result is even terrifying in some cases where the actors playing the characters seem directly taken from the book, as happens with Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy or Lord Voldemort.

Others, however, bear little resemblance to the actor who plays them, as is the case with Sirius Black, who is also the author's favorite: "I thought he had been taken out of my head. Artificial intelligence can sometimes be quite limiting in what you can do and it can be a bit tricky, so not all the characters came out the way I wanted them to, but I thought Sirius came out the way I imagined him: dark and majestically handsome," she confesses to BoredPanda.

The author's recreation of the characters did not take long to go viral, accumulating thousands of 'likes' and all kinds of reactions from users, most of them surprised to see characters like Neville Longbottom blond with blue eyes or Petunia Dursley (Harry Potter's aunt) also blond, very different from what we were used to.

Harry Potter and the Relics

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There are two types of quests: main story quests and side quests. The former help with the development of the plot, while the secondary ones help you in your future decisions, increase the level of your qualities, increase your house points, and reward you with experience points and galleons. Also, apart from the "point and click" quests, where you spend energy, there are quests where you will only have to dialogue with the characters with a system of options based on the level of your skills that does not spend energy. There will be missions that can be executed instantly, while in others you will have missions that are unlocked up to 8 hours later.

Your character has an energy bar that is spent by attending classes, performing tasks and missions that concern the player. You can also level up by completing quests and attending classes. There will be times when learning a certain skill or spell will increase your energy bar by +1 but it will not refill. You will also have skills called "Courage", "Empathy" and "Knowledge", where depending on the level of these you will be able to unlock options in conversations to change the main plot.

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Harry Potter: the cabbage

Hufflepuff House is known for valuing hard work, with friendly and loyal students. Students in this house are known for being hard-working, friendly, loyal, and unbiased.

Ravenclaw House values learning, wisdom, wit, and intellect as important elements of being part of their house. Being very talented wizards, Hermione Granger was almost selected by Ravenclaw.

Intelligent and creative, Ravenclaw members identify with the noble power of the eagle, which is the symbol on their crest. "The Sorting Hat would only put you in this house if you demonstrated excellent wisdom, wit and ability to learn," assures The Wizarding World. "Ravenclaws are often known to be quite eccentric and most great inventors, if you are an achiever, you can describe yourself as someone who is far from fanciful, not afraid to be your own individual and has a head full of interesting facts."

Harry potter libros originales tapa dura

Deja que la magia de la serie clásica de Harry Potter de J.K. Rowling te lleve de vuelta al Colegio Hogwarts de Magia y Hechicería. Publicado con motivo del 20 aniversario de la primera publicación de Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban, esta irresistible edición de la casa Hufflepuff celebra el carácter noble de la casa de Hogwarts famosa por su dedicación, paciencia y lealtad. El tercer año de Harry en Hogwarts está repleto de emocionantes momentos Hufflepuff, ¡incluida la aparición del capitán de Quidditch -y galán de Hufflepuff- Cedric Diggory!

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Con los bordes pintados con la librea de la casa Hufflepuff, el libro presenta una preciosa portada con el tema de la casa y una intrincada lámina plateada. Con una emocionante introducción a medida que explora la historia de la Casa Hufflepuff, e información exclusiva sobre el uso del encantamiento patronus por parte de los personajes favoritos de Hufflepuff, el libro también cuenta con una espectacular imagen de Nymphadora Tonks conjurando su patronus, obra de Levi Pinfold, ganadora del premio Kate Greenaway. Los siete libros de la serie se publicarán en estas Ediciones de la Casa, muy coleccionables y bellamente elaboradas, diseñadas para ser atesoradas y leídas durante años.

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